A Note from Our President

Larry Dalton
Larry Dalton, Advanced Care Medical Equipment

We are very grateful to those who are involved with OMEPA! For years we have needed an Association where we could unite in battling state and federal agencies and combating their constant changes within the Oklahoma DME industry.

OMEPA was designed as an alliance of providers, eliminating the need for one provider to take the heat in battling our industry’s request for changes. As a united force, we are stronger, with one voice backed by 100’s of voices in requesting these changes.

OMEPA strives to gather and provide information that affects the DME providers daily. This information is available to our members through newsletters, regulations updates, annual conferences, open board meetings, and our website.

OMEPA has representation on many boards and committees, such as the Medicare and Medicaid Advisory Board, VGM, and AA Homecare. These memberships keep Oklahoma on the cutting edge of information from Washington DC, Medicare, Medicaid, and others and important upcoming events.

Join us today and participate as a member to ensure a better future for our DME providers.


Larry Dalton, President, OMEPA DME Manager, Advanced Care, Durant, OK