About Us

OMEPA was formed in 2017 as the Oklahoma Medical Equipment Providers Association with the goal of having a stronger voice representing our home medical equipment industry within Oklahoma. We began by petitioning the state legislature to change Oklahoma’s sales tax laws by making the sales of durable medical equipment exempt from sales tax. Having a state association of providers was critical to the success of this venture, and it benefitted all DME providers throughout the state, whether they were members of OMEPA or not.

As a young association still in its infancy, we constantly seek ways to increase membership and improve communications with members. We have held an annual conference for the last four years and strive to make it better each year. We always explore new ideas to help any part of our services and benefit our influence.

Our Mission

Oklahoma Medical Equipment Providers Association (OMEPA) is dedicated to promoting quality education, advocacy, and leadership to best serve Oklahoma patients throughout the communities in which we live and serve.

What We Do

OMEPA believes that even rival businesses can work together to benefit the industry. As a united association, we can represent Oklahoma DME providers statewide, regional, and national levels. We are dedicated to providing our members excellent communication, education, legislative leadership, and networking opportunities.

Some of the issues we have worked on, or are currently working on, are:

  • The establishment of a sales tax exemption for DME sales in Oklahoma.
  • The creation of Oklahomans Caring for Oklahomans coalition to fight against the establishment of outside managed care organizations in our state.
  • Promotion of community efforts to improve and advance the DME industry.
  • Promotion of the DME industry and our needs on a national level at the US Congress and with our local congressional delegation.
  • Provide resources to all members for advice, referrals, etc.
  • Representation on many boards and committees such as Medicare and Medicaid Advisory Board, VGM and AA Homecare committees